New centrifugal fan series for air-conditioning devices in EC technology

Where before, air-conditioning devices were used mainly for cooling buildings in southern regions, today it is becoming popular to use temperature equalising air-conditioning even at more moderate latitudes. So-called fan coils, which consist of heat exchangers and fans, are found ever more frequently not only in hotels and offices, but also in municipal facilities, commercial buildings and even in private residences. Since fan coils are often operated with a longer duty cycle, high potential savings can be achieved here by using energy-saving components.

This pays off for the owner within a short time. In hotels, for example, the average duty cycle of fan coils today is approx. 80 %; in office buildings, it is approximately 40 %.

ebm-papst Mulfingen now offers a new series of centrifugal fans in EC technology, which is perfectly designed for demands of the fan coil operative range and meets all conceivable requirements in this area. Fans are available in various versions in the power range between 40 and 250 watts which provide air volumes up to 2,200 m³/h. All versions are specially designed for energy-saving and low-noise operation; they are very compact and can be easily installed as a plug-and-play solution. The plastic materials used are light, yet durable and sound absorbent; no paint or finish is necessary. The integrated electronics enable the fans to be adjusted to the required air volume as needed. The EC motors used in the centrifugal fans operate with up to 90% efficiency and thereby guarantee energy-saving operation.