NRG 77 increases efficiency in heating technology

For heat outputs up to 35 kilowatt the gas blower NRG 77 complements the efficient product series in the heating technology.

The innovations in the field of drive systems are based on the use of a modern, three core motor that permits speeds up to 12,000 rpm. This drive solution is not only very compact. It is also more efficient than the predecessor motor and can be controlled better thanks to its broader speed range. The complete fan consumes up to 6% less energy. With dimensions of 148 x 127 x 84 mm, the new blower is about 10% more compact than the predecessor model, despite its superior performance. Moreover, the three core design reduces the natural vibrations, minimising the transmission of additional structure-borne noise, which can be extremely unpleasant in heating installations. An optional integrated mass flow sensor in conjunction with a venturi nozzle and "GasBloc" pneumatic gas valve maintains a constant fuel/air mixture, regardless of atmospheric pressure or of wind or chimney suction. The ignition flame, the starting gas volume and other parameters can be calibrated to the boiler.