Control technology for ebm-papst GreenTech EC fans

Increasing market demands have induced us to exploit the whole range of possibilities offered by 100% controllable GreenTech EC fans being installed in third party products. The combination of GreenTech EC motor and external control technology is based on fans with a power input of 500 watts or more which are equipped with a MODBUS.

"Approved controller" - the sign of full compatibility

In order to give you the necessary reliability when choosing components, we have entered partnerships with selected control technology manufacturers. Naturally, combinations of GreenTech EC fans and external control technology are tested and examined, and this is documented for you with the "Approved controller" label.

"Approved controller" products are already available for GreenTech EC fans from the following manufacturers:


The CAREL solution is based on programmable controllers (pCO sistema) using the 1tool© development environment.