The new S-Force centrifugal compact fans

Compact fans with impressive performance

Small, compact fans that operate at high, variable speeds and achieve considerable performance increases compared to standard fans common today.

The series currently includes a total of seven sizes with diameters from 97 mm to 225 mm at air outputs from 230 to 1530 m³/h and a maximum pressure build-up of up to 1200 Pa. Naturally, the impellers, optimised according to aerodynamic criteria, contribute to these values. They have already been tried and tested at ebm-papst with other products and combined well with the powerful electronically commutated direct current motors of the S-Force series. The fans are currently offered only in 48 VDC versions; 24 VDC versions will follow.

The right choice - centrifugal compact fans

In general, axial compact fans can solve many cooling tasks optimally. For applications that require a very high pressure build-up at lower air flows, however, centrifugal compact fans are the right choice. The air is sucked in axially, i.e. parallel to the driving axle of the centrifugal fan, deflected 90° by the rotation of the centrifugal impeller and blown out centrifugally. Thus the total air flow leaves the impeller at the outer diameter. The resulting higher kinetic energy of the air molecules generates a higher pressure than the axial blower, which has a circumferential speed limited by the impeller hub. For example, if an application requires a 90-degree deflection of the air flow or components, filters etc. obstruct the free air flow, centrifugal compact fans are more effective than axial compact fans.