At home in your industries

To give you the highest level of service, we involve ourselves in depth with your industry, its basic conditions and areas of potential. Our objective after all is to stay attuned to trends, recognize demand and thus to be successful along with you. You can see what we have achieved together with our customers in various industries by taking a look at our real-world customer references.

Drive Technology

Success is enjoyed by those who tread new paths. Innovative drive technology today is required to put technological trends, market requirements and specific user wishes into highly efficient quality products. Aspects such as mechatronics, electronics and software are to be perfectly integrated and optimised to suit the specific sector, plus they should fulfil demanding economical and ecological standards.


Including sensor blowers, booster blowers, seat ventilation, electronics cooling, pump drives and direct drives.

Rail technology

Including electronics cooling, driver's cab and passenger climate control, auxiliary and door drives.

Computers and office technology

Including computer cooling, copiers and other office machines, network and data storage technology.


Including power supply units and control cabinets.

Household appliances

Including range hoods, clothes dryers, industrial food service technology, refrigerators, microwave ovens, hand dryers, baking and finishing ovens.


Including gas and oil heaters, solid fuel burners, fuel cells, thermal storage heating stoves, fan heaters, mobile heat generators and heat pumps.

Ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology

Including components for ventilation technology, air-conditioning units, home and building ventilation, single pipe ventilation, humidifiers and air heaters, beverage dispensers, refrigerated cases and clean room technology.

Machines and systems

Including cooling in control cabinets, tanning beds, power electronics and laser technology, as well as medical technology and extraction systems.

Medical and laboratory technology

Including the pump industry, diagnostic devices, incubators, centrifuges, drives for operating tables and chairs.


Including telecommunications base stations and cooling units.