New electrical water pump with external rotor motor

A master of the air conquers the water

ebm-papst St. Georgen is renowned worldwide as a fan specialist. Now, we have also made water our element – with a new, electronically operated water pump. For us, this step was only logical. Our expertise in moving air, which has grown over 70 years, can also be transferred easily to the medium of water in many areas. Of course, this is particularly true of the main components, the motor and control electronics. However, the drive-related aspects of the two product groups also scarcely differ in manufacturing and quality assurance. Even in the fluid-dynamic design of the pump, we were able to make use of our wealth of experience in material selection and calculation methods.

GreenTech goes liquid cooling

New water pump, proven technology: an external rotor motor with GreenTech EC technology and an application-specific design is used as the drive, which is also wear-free and highly efficient. The primary advantage for the user lies in the compact design and the high running smoothness that are inherent features of the external rotor motor. Designed as a canned motor pump, the impeller also serves as the rotor of the motor. Seals that are prone to failure are omitted, as are auxiliary magnets for a magnetic coupling. This means that a minimum size of just 75 x 75 x 84mm (L x W x H) is possible. The permitted operating temperatures range from -40 °C to +130 °C.

For us, efficiency was in the foreground in designing the water pump. Therefore, we have placed particular value on optimum flow regulation. The result: The 20-watt pump attains an outstanding overall efficiency of 35%. The operating pressure is 0.35 bar, approximately 50% higher than comparable pumps. With its 20-mm hose connections, depending on the configuration, it is capable of a delivery volume of over 35 l/min.

Ready for the thermal management of the future

One of the great challenges of the automotive industry is the increasing electrification of the vehicle. In doing so, modern thermal management must take over many new tasks, which, in turn, require new components. Another factor is increasingly stringent emission and consumption standards.

Our new compact pump is ideally suited to meet these challenges. With its "less is more" concept, it guarantees maximum heat dissipation with minimal intrinsic consumption – such as in engine cooling, battery cooling for hybrid and electric vehicles or many other advanced tasks.