AC 100 - High-efficiency in-line duct fan

New product for decentralised building ventilation

We are all familiar with the often unpleasantly loud exhaust fans in hotel bathrooms, restaurant WCs and rental apartments. Often inconspicuously hidden behind a white screen, they provide exhaust for moist, used air from enclosed rooms to the outside. In addition to the noise, the products available on the market also have the disadvantage of high energy consumption. They primarily use shaded-pole motors with simply designed impellers.

By using energy-efficient EC technology and more efficient aerodynamics, these exhaust systems can be designed to provide significantly quieter, more efficient and environmentally friendly performance. The new AC 100 is an in-line duct fan for 100 mm ventilation ducts and for connection to mains supply voltage from 85 to 265 VAC with completely integrated electronic commutation. To enable demand-oriented ventilation, the fans have 2 defined speed steps between which the customer can choose. This ensures high energy efficiency as well as low noise.

To prevent unwanted noise from the motor excitation, the fan motor has a vibration-free mount in the housing.

In addition to use in building ventilation, the fan is also suitable for use in exhaust systems in chemical and medical technology as well as for soldering and welding workstations. The fan is also ideally suited for controlled exhaust in caravans and camping cars.