Best under pressure: AxiEco Protect

The pressure-resistant axial fan

AxiEco Protect

Its hallmark: The new axial fan is BEST UNDER PRESSURE. This essentially means that when it is under significant pressure, it really shows what it can do. It is especially effective in fighting against high back pressures in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration applications: it is durable, highly efficient and quiet. What exactly does that mean for individual sectors and applications? Take it from us:

-It withstands pressure and ice formation like no other: the AxiEco Protect in refrigeration technology.

A great strength of the AxiEco Protect can be seen in evaporator applications, for example. If ice forms on the heat exchanger, the AxiEco Protect works with high efficiency for longer despite the increasing back pressure. The reason for this is its improved aerodynamics, which has a much steeper characteristic curve than usual, resulting in an extended evaporator service life, fewer defrosting cycles and better efficiency of the overall system. In addition, its innovative design means that the guard grill freezes more slowly and the blades do not freeze on the fan housing.

-Conquering new power ranges: the AxiEco Protect in ventilation and air conditioning technology.

Thanks to its aerodynamic optimizations, the air performance curve of the AxiEco Protect is much steeper than that of comparable axial fans, meaning that it covers a significantly larger power range. Therefore, it still works at optimum efficiency even when the back pressure is increasing. It is very advantageous for use in ventilation and air conditioning technology: from now on, fewer fans are required to generate the same output. The reason for this is the power density: the AxiEco Protect achieves a higher air performance per area. Despite its powerful performance, the AxiEco Protect is extremely quiet, which is apt for heat pumps in residential areas, for example.

-Top performance in extremely confined spaces: the AxiEco Protect in mechanical engineering.

Thanks to a variety of design details, the new AxiEco Protect is also ideally adapted to various areas of application within mechanical engineering. In control cabinet construction, for example, the ErP-compliant axial fan also boasts an increased air performance, enabling manufacturers to reduce the total number of devices used. In all its sizes, the AxiEco Protect impresses with its compact design, which can become a decisive competitive advantage considering the confined spaces seen in electronics and compressor cooling systems.

In this link you can see the video of the presentation of the new AxiEco Protect axial fan.