The origins

Originating from three companies steeped in tradition, namely ebm, PAPST and mvl, our unique product range has made ebm-papst the world market leader in motors and fans.

mvl, originally founded in 1880 as C. Lorenz AG in Berlin, is created with designing the first shaded pole motors for record players and the first capacitor motors for telex machines. PAPST was founded in 1942 by Hermann Papst, they developed the motor principle of the external rotor in small drives. ebm was founded in Mulfingen in 1963 by Gerhard Sturm and Heinz Ziehl, everything started with the external rotor motor which was rediscovered then as ideal drive for small fans. In 2003 ebm, PAPST and mvl received a common name: ebm-papst.
Over 10.226 employees in Germany and troughout the world develop, produce and distribute motors and fans with a passion, striving to achieve perfect solutions for applications in many different industries.
Those who know us know the high standards that we apply to our work and know our creed: to be as close to our customers as possible and to be simply the best in terms of innovation and reliability.

Hollenbach factory designed for maximum energy efficiency
Our ebm-papst headquarters in Mulfingen, ebm-papst in St. Georgen and ebm-papst in Landshut (Germany).