Rail technology

Including electronics cooling, driver's cab and passenger climate control, auxiliary and door drives.

On track for a more comfortable ride

ebm-papst drive and climate control components in rail technology.
ebm-papst drive and climate control components in rail technology.

Drive and climate control component for transport technology

What will be the engine of tomorrow's transport? It is up to today's transport passengers to decide where the journey will lead. Aspects such as comfort, handicapped accessibility, safety, and orientation towards service mean higher passenger acceptance and more profitability for the operator.

What we contribute as a technology partner: AC and EC drives with exceptional output, dynamics, and accuracy of speed. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems, whose high levels of pressure constancy, low-noise performance and long service life have become an essential part of modern transport technology. They open windows and doors, control switches and signals, air-condition passenger compartments, and cool parts of the technical infrastructure.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of drive and blower solutions for rail technology, have been in use in many cars and systems for years.