New GreenTech EC compact fan

More power and less consumption for the same physical design

The advanced ACmaxx generation sets new standards in reliability, service life and energy consumption. Going under the Green Tech EC compact fans name, the new fans offer for the first time the complete integration of drive, fan and converter electronics in the hub of the motor. This full integration of all drive components can also be seen in the compact dimensions.

The ACi 4400 (119 x 119 x 38 mm) with GreenTech EC technology needs a power consumption of just 4.4 W (65% efficiency of the drive motor) to generate a volume flow of 180 m³/h and a maximum pressure of 74.7 Pa with 42 dB(A) operating noise. It is available off the shelf in various speed versions. The service life is more than 65,000 hours (at 40 °C).

Strands or flat plugs that can be configured as necessary and a weight of 250 g make it suitable for many different applications. Approvals in accordance with VDE0850, UL, CSA and CCC standards have been obtained.

The operating temperature of the fan ranges from -40 to +75 °C. With 85 to 265 V (50/60 Hz), the input voltage range covers all commonly used mains voltages around the world. Because the standard dimensions are the same as those of the old AC fans, it is just as straightforward to upgrade the fan by retrofitting as it is to integrate the fan into a new system.