RadiCal centrifugal fans for quiet and efficient climate control systems

Precision climate control systems in data centres dissipate large heat loads precisely where they develop – on the server racks. Unlike air conditioning systems intended for comfort, for example those used for air conditioning of offices, they do not just ensure the correct temperature, but also regulate the room humidity and thus prevent electrostatic charging. Above all, the use of continuously adjustable GreenTech EC centrifugal fans from ebm-papst, in connection with optimised control algorithms, allows an energy-efficient control of the air and coolant volumes corresponding to the demand of a data centre.

R3G500 RadiCal centrifugal fan

In the RadiCal centrifugal fans, the fan blades have a dimensionally stable hybrid design. Their aerodynamically optimised shape reduces noise by 50 %. The motors of these fans have been miniaturised, making them much more compact than their predecessors. With the current dimensions, a simple mechanical 1:1 exchange with the existing AC solutions is possible at any time without problems. The design of the motor heat management system is also optimised. The stator is completely encapsulated in high-performance plastic. Air inlets in the rotor guarantee perfected heat dissipation for the motor, which in turn increases efficiency considerably. The high IP protection permits the use of these centrifugal fans in critical applications as well.

In terms of efficiency, the RadiCal fans already surpass the new ErP Directives for electrically powered fans, which become legal requirements as of 2013 and 2015. Up to 50 % lower energy consumption can be achieved compared to AC solutions, depending on the application.