GreenTech EC technology: the original.

Not all EC technology is the same

As a matter of fact, many different drive types are categorised under this generic term today, such as PM (permanent magnet motors), ECM (electronically commutated motors) and BLDC (brushless DC motors). ebm-papst was one of the first manufacturers to recognise the economic as well as environmental advantages of EC technology and significantly advanced its development. As early as 1965, we were on the market with the world’s first EC compact fan – 30 years before any other manufacturer. For this reason, GreenTech EC technology made by ebm-papst is the outstanding product of a consistent efficiency strategy – in a manner of speaking, the original among the EC technologies.

The pioneer in EC technology: ebm-papst

Developing and advancing EC technology has certainly been one of our most important challenges. The success we have had can be seen today in the world’s largest range of EC fans and motors. For over 13 years, mains-powered GreenTech EC technology has been the worldwide standard in areas such as clean room technology, providing reliable performance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

GreenTech EC technology for basic equipment and retrofit

With its outstanding position both environmentally and economically, GreenTech EC technology offers comprehensive advantages to beginners as well as those switching from AC to EC. The topic of sustainability has long since become a criterion crucial to making a purchase decision – for our customers just as for their end customers. There is no question that we will continue developing and perfecting GreenTech EC technology in the future, in order to meet the future requirements of our customers, the market and society – but above all also our own convictions.

Continuously saving motors

The decisive advantage of fans and motors with GreenTech EC technology compared to conventional asynchronous motors lies in their significantly higher efficiency of up to 90 % as opposed to 20–70 % with AC motors. This means not only better use of primary energy, but also less lost heat and hence a longer service life.

Advantages of GreenTech EC technology

  • Tremendous energy savings of 30 % on average
  • Future-proof and ready for ErP2015
  • Intelligent electronics for numerous control functions
  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Easy 1:1 replacement from AC technology to GreenTech EC technology
  • Can be used worldwide (due to wide voltage input)
  • Over 40 years of experience in the area of EC technology
  • GreenTech as implemented purchase proposition

GreenTech EC – the technology that combines the best technologies

Viewed technically, GreenTech EC technology can be labelled as "soft commutation". This involves a combination of commutation strategy and motor design. The result for the customer is low-noise operation without structure-borne noise. This means that we use permanent magnet motors in a variety of designs to achieve the best performance for the respective application and the desired power range. The intelligent electronics balance out synchronisation tolerances, ensuring that all that comes out in the end are the advantages for our customers.

Moreover, GreenTech EC motors and fans can be used everywhere: They can be operated in a direct current (DC) as well as an alternating current (AC) mains (1 and 3 phases). The size is no longer an impediment, either. By having the electronics fully integrated into the motor, many of our EC fans already have exactly the same dimensions as their AC counterparts.

So there is no more reason to rely on conventional AC fans. This applies to more than the development of new applications. The switch from AC to EC pays off in view of the tremendous efficiency advantages and could not be easier, thanks to plug and play.

An average energy savings of 30 %: That is a deal!

GreenTech EC technology: An average energy savings of 30%.

Wherever motors are used for drives or ventilation, energy has to be used as sparingly as possible. Not only the consumer requires this, but also the law with its new directives for limiting energy consumption and protecting the climate. GreenTech EC technology sets a good example: Even today, all of our EC fans exceed the ErP Directive for 2015. And those aren’t just words – it’s a fact!

Example: Energy savings in HVAC technology 

Best performance under all conditions: That is guaranteed!

GreenTech EC technology: Best performance under all conditions!
GreenTech EC technology: Best performance under all conditions!

Just one example for demand-oriented use of fans: the air-conditioning and refrigeration systems of a supermarket. Here one needs full speed and output in the summer at peak load, reduced output in the winter months and whisper-quiet operation at low speeds overnight. These are just examples, but they also reflect real-world conditions that GreenTech EC technology from ebm-papst takes fully into account. With its intelligent open and closed-loop control options, the air-conditioning or cooling systems can be adapted easily to all requirements of manufacturers, owner/operators, consumers, and the general public. With guaranteed high savings potential for energy and costs.

Example: Possible power for condensers/evaporators 

Simply turn down the costs: That’s intelligent!

GreenTech EC technology: Simply turn down the costs!
GreenTech EC technology: Simply turn down the costs!

Here is an example of intelligent energy savings from real-world applications: A condenser, as used for example in cooling equipment, is equipped with 4 AC fans and alternatively with ebm-papst GreenTech EC technology. The energy savings possibilities of the GreenTech solution compared to AC fans are considerable – as the graphics below show.

Example: Expect considerable savings potential 

Minimum noise emissions: That sounds good!

GreenTech EC technology: That sounds good!
GreenTech EC technology: That sounds good!

Think about air-conditioning in office buildings. Think about heating boilers in residential spaces, range hoods or refrigerators, electronics cooling of computers, ventilation and air-conditioning in the automobile, in commercial vehicles, and on and on. Of course, in all of these applications, function, reliability and safety are everything! Still, the consumer wants to hear absolutely nothing about it – quite literally. Here is something that sounds good: In every application, GreenTech EC fans, EC blowers and EC drives made by ebm-papst provide perfect power that can barely be heard!

Example: Noise reduction at all speeds 

Everything included, from the control to motor protection: That’s plug-and-play!

Intelligent electronics – intelligent power: A GreenTech EC fan already includes everything it will ever need.
Intelligent electronics – intelligent power: A GreenTech EC fan already includes everything it will ever need.

Move air – for an all-inclusive price! This is another of the great benefits of GreenTech EC technology from ebm-papst. Whether you’re looking at the PID servo amplifier, radio interference filter, mains filter, motor protection, or current supply for external sensors, our EC products already have all the features they will ever need. Plug and play is this easy: Just do the application check! See for yourself which additional components are required for conventional AC products or even competitor’s products. As you can see below, we have simply ticked all of the features already included in an GreenTech EC fan.

Example: Your all-inclusive advantage with a GreenTech EC fan 

Fewer types, less logistics: That saves even before installation!

GreenTech EC technology: That saves even before installation!
GreenTech EC technology: That saves even before installation!

GreenTech EC technology replaces AC technology – in the best possible way. This replacement is far superior, not only in terms of energy efficiency, noise reduction and intelligence, but also logistics! After all, you could replace up to 8 different AC axial fans, each with different blade angles, with just a few GreenTech EC axial fans while still providing a fully equivalent replacement. Assume the highest possible flexibility for your applications, even worldwide. Expect fewer types, easy stock-keeping, less logistics – and, in sum, a significantly reduced financial outlay.

One instead of many: How to replace AC with GreenTech EC