Centrifugal plug fans – efficiency in ventilation and air-conditioning technology

For energy-efficient operation in ventilation and air-conditioning technology, ebm-papst has developed the centrifugal plug fans with GreenTech EC technology for air performance levels of up to 30,000 m³/h. These cover nearly all conceivable applications, such as use in centralised air handling units that ensure the correct comfortable climate in offices and are usually set up in the cellar or on the roof of a building.

K3G560 centrifugal fan - plug fan

With the aerodynamic shape of their fan blades and an EC motor integrated directly inside the impeller, plug fans are an efficient and compact unit. The power electronics integrated into the GreenTech EC motors permit demand-oriented speed control and are compatible with all common supply voltages: according to motor type, either with single-phase AC of 200 V to 277 V or with three-phase current supply of 380 V to 480 V. The frequencies used are 50 and 60 Hz, respectively. Air performance and efficiency are not affected by the different frequency. This means that the same fan type can be operated on different power systems without further ado.

The mounting position of the fans is variable by means of the "mounting spider" – installation is possible with a horizontal or vertical motor shaft position. The 630 to 900 mm sizes are intended for horizontal installation, where vibration elements for isolation from the environment can be installed on the base frame.

Because the centrifugal fans are also available with corrosion-resistant and special hygienic coating, use in hospitals or swimming pools is also possible without a need for further measures.