GreenTech is acknowledged and certified.

GreenTech is acknowledged and certified.

Whenever our commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly products is publicly appreciated, that shows us that we are on the right track. Ultimately, the efficiency of GreenTech is measurable. For example by satisfying the strictest limits for energy-powered products that the EU has passed to date. These planned limits are not scheduled to come into force until 2015, but our EC fans already undercut them by far.

Moreover, we are pleased that our entire production chain regularly stands up to the scrutiny of environmental specialists. Awards such as

  • the Environmental Prize and Environmental Technology Prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg
  • the Energy Efficiency Award of dena, the German Energy Agency
  • the Cooling Industry Award
  • the iF material award or
  • the Elektra Innovation Prize

clearly show that we can live up to our high standards.

Further ebm-papst awards.