Power electronics and power supplies

Cool air for reliable processes

ebm-papst fans also cool electronics in welding robots.
ebm-papst fans also cool electronics in welding robots.

Fans and cooling systems for the electronics industry

Whether in SMD placement, wafer fabrication, or welding robots - insufficient cooling for electronic control systems and the power electronics in manufacturing processes results in negative consequences for productivity and quality. Using high-performance cooling models can eliminate this risk.

Various fans and blowers from ebm-papst are used in these devices and systems. Their compact size and high cooling capacity make the systems a reliable part of the industrial landscape.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of cooling solutions for the electronics industry, have been in use for years in many devices and systems. With our experience and expertise, we give the electronics industry the drive it needs in an increasingly competitive environment. And with it, you too can always rely on having the power you need.