Control cabinets

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ebm-papst drive and cooling systems for control cabinets.
ebm-papst drive and cooling systems for control cabinets.

Drive and cooling systems for control cabinets

If overheating prevents a control cabinet from fully performing its duties as the "brain" of a production line or enameling line, for example, this will have consequences for the productivity and service life of the entire installation. Highly efficient cooling modules are the reliable thermal management system for dependable operation.

Durable fans and blowers with maintenance-free GreenTech EC motors, and in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, are used to guide dissipated energy away from the power electronics. Flexible installation, high cooling output in even the tightest spaces and interactive integration into the device logic make the systems a reliable part of modern control cabinet technology.

Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of cooling solutions for control cabinets, have been in use for years in many applications. And with them, you too can always rely on having the power you need.