Making it work all by itself

Industry is hard to imagine without it: automation. Whether it be in mechanical or systems engineering, agriculture or forestry, power generation or in private operations – multifaceted solutions are employed based on electrical drive systems.

For ebm-papst, solutions with outstanding controllability of speed, position and torque are the focus issues. It doesn't matter whether these are for different assembly and processing machines, handling systems, packaging machines or applications for non-commercial operations. As a prestigious engineering partner, a high capacity for networking individual drive systems to form flexible, reliable drive systems is a natural characteristic – and that applies to our whole product range.

The drive systems from ebm-papst satisfy the strictest of standards with respect to power density, reliability and service life – that you can rely on.

High-performance automation systems from ebm-papst include:

  • Drive and ventilation solutions for the printing industry
  • Tailor-made drive systems for dispensing machines for pumping viscous media
  • Reliable, dynamic drive systems for belt feed and tensioning on strapping machines
  • Speed- and torque-controlled drive systems for coiling and winding processes in packaging and labelling machines
  • Smooth-running conveyor belt drives for belt scales
  • Flexible gear systems for individual sorting machines
  • Drive systems with position verification for format changes, e.g. in woodworking machines

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