The material for new success on the market

The processing of textiles, their look and their wearing comfort are determined by a whole series of process steps. Special machines and systems with electrical drive units are needed throughout this process, from the production of the thread to the finish of the texture. The basic precondition for success on the market is high-performance textile machines whose drives are optimally configured for the individual process and whose designs are integrated into the overall machine concept.

For many years, ebm-papst has been developing special drives for spinning, winding, knitting and twining, and doing so hand-in-hand with customers from the textile machine sector. Today, a wide range of blower and drive solutions from ebm-papst are operating successfully all round the world. They are all characterised by the following strengths: great reliability, outstanding performance, good user-friendliness, straightforward controllability and speed precision across all process steps.

Around the machines, a wide range of individual drives and fans are needed. Precise speed-controlled drives give textile machines their "drive". For example for preparing and fixing fibres, for chemical treatment processes and for other motion processes.

And in the future, ebm-papst will continue to "knit together" innovative, customised solutions for the textile industry.

Tailor-made, high-performance drive solutions from ebm-papst include:

  • Integrated winding station drives
  • Compact, dynamic feed drives
  • Integrated winder drives
  • Combing roller drives, as customised system solution

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